About Buried Head


Buried Head is a new age underground hip hop band / project, something like Dr Dre jams with Mozart at the Newport Jazz Festival.
Actually it is refreshingly different from the average hip hop or rap act. The musicians have many years of experience in different genres and have played with the likes of the Joan Armatrading band, Cat Stevens, Squeeze etc and have performed in previous bands on TV on the same stage as David Bowie, Peatbog Faeries, rubbed shoulders with INXS, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osborn, Kiss.... The list goes on and on.
So.... it is no wonder that the quality of the Buried Head debut album "A Series of Events" is a milestone in the evolution of hip hop.
Hip hop is getting a face-lift and a welcome kick up the bum from this ground-breaking underground group.
Check out http://www.myspace.com/buriedhead to hear some of the tracks from the latest album "A Series Of Events".

Buried Head started life in June 2009 when Norman Austin met Tyler (Relit) at a hip hop night in Apollos Night Club, Newport, Oregon. Norman had writen his first rap song because he'd lost his voice from a chest infection that he caught on board the Emerald Princess cruise ship earlier in 2009 (he couldn't sing), where he was featured as a piano entertainer whilst cruising the Caribbean. In a very croaky voice, Norman performed a song at Apollos called "Waiting For The One", and it seems as though the "one" had turned up at the gig, because the ensuing partnership became the catalyst for song after great song... They were writing sometimes two songs in a day, and when it came to deciding on tracks for the album, there were a number of strong contenders which were left out of the mix.