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Making your band for hire is an excellent way to earn to begin with some useful pocket money or even a full time living depending on how popular you become with your clients. It is also great for bands that become bored or stale from just rehearsing all the time.


So how do you go about getting those gigs? Like any business or organisation you need to promote yourself. The internet is quite good at helping you achieve this. Start by using the search engines and type something into the search box like, ‘band for hire‘ and see what this yields.


It’s also a good idea to consider what sort of places are looking for a band for hire. Weddings are popular, and so are clubs, but think about birthday parties, school dances and even corporate events.


Many bands put up a webpage, or list themselves with facebook or myspace which lets people listen to your music and get a sense of who you are.


However, many people looking for a band for hire might not have the time to search through dozens of webpages, and even if they do, they might not find your page. So make some fliers, or put your music on CD or DVD to hand out to people and let them get a taste of your music and what you can do.


Don’t forget to consider getting your band an agent. While they take a portion of the money you earn, it is their job to get your band gigs, and they won’t make money until they do.


So, now that you’re a band for hire, there’s just one last thing to consider. How do you feel about travel? The more cities you play in the more people will be able to hear your music.


And, speaking of the money, you have to consider which gigs will pay the most, and which will pay the least. A local club might give you the least amount of money for your time, but will also give you more exposure while a high paying wedding will be filled with people more interested in the party than your songs.


If you make the choice to travel further afield, you’ve made a good decision. Any band for hire that is serious about their craft is willing to travel, at least if the money is good. It’s always better to play to a bigger venue than a small pub, not only for the better money, but also to get your music heard by as many people as possible.



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