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It is not uncommon for guitar players of all abilities to have special masters of guitar that they venerate and try to style themselves upon.

In most cases it is impossible to replicate the style of any of the greats as there are so many combinations possible when creating sound and tone.

The choice of amplifiers, their tone settings on the guitar pickups, even the choice of strings and the particular way they tune their guitar – they all contribute to the particular sound that a master guitarist generates.

When it comes to the blues and unique sounds, the two most notable guitarists that I think of mind are BB King and John Lee Hooker.

The Epiphone BB King Lucille electric guitar  is a classic blues masterpiece designed originally by Gibson and used by BB King for some time now.

As well as being absolutely gorgeous to look at, it also has some very cool features such as stereo and Varitone .

Playing nearly every night of the week yet being well into his twilight years in my mind makes BB King one of the penultimate entertainers of the last 50 years.

You can’t help but be inspired by BB King’s dedication to the blues genre and to his dedicated fans around the globe. What a fine example for all of us part time players out there who dream of being able to play in the spotlight just that one time!

The second great guitar I want to throw in the mix is the Epiphone Sheraton guitar – a favorite of John Lee Hooker in the mid 60’s .

John Lee lived the legendary life of a blues guitarist  –  born to poor sharecroppers in the deep south, he worked and played guitar through the depression era, WWII, and started to make recordings in the late 40’s.

His real fame came in the late 70’s with his hit album ‘The Healer’ and he featured in the cult movie “The Blues Brothers”.

The great John Lee passed away in 2001 and he left behind a rich legacy of his particular Delta Blues style.

An acoustic guitar was John Lee’s guitar of choice in the early part of his career, then he moved to an electric guitar when he moved to Chicago, and in the 60’s changed to the Epiphone Sheraton guitar.

The quality of guitars manufactured as replicas of those used by guitar greats is in most cases extremely high and the aim is generally to honor the name or memory of the guitarist.

Having an opportunity to own a guitar replica of a master guitarists gives all of us the chance to own our own piece of history.

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