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Drummers and enthusiasts have different reasons behind creating their own custom drum.  Primarily, they are unhappy with drum deals that can be bought in a music store or from the catalogue.  Others base it on their trend, where they normally have their gigs, or how much they are willing to expend.  Money-wise, it is indeed a lot more cost-effective to just pick the materials and create the drums on your own.  Also, you won’t be limited to the styles that re in the stores.  Additionally, when you construct a custom drum sets you would know the intricacies of the setup.   How do they actually do it?

First, make a decision whether you want each and every piece to possess specific stands or be confined in a drum rack.  With regards to the venue or even the regularity of playing in several stages, one can determine which style is better, simpler to move, sturdier and much more customizable.  Should you choose to have the rack, it could use pipe clamps yet you’d still require a high-hat and snare stand and boom arms for the cymbals.

After that, purchase the drum shells.  A snare drum and a base drum are a must.  The amount of tom-toms highly depends on your playing style as well as your budget.  No less than two toms needs to be sufficient: a 10-inch high-pitched mounted tom and a 16-inch low-pitched floor tom.  For massive sweeping tom fills, acquire as many as you can pay for.
Drum heads is going to be your next buy, and since these come in a variety of variations and can be tuned by any means, here is where your own style and inclination really is needed.  For better sounds, go for clear drum heads and for warmer ones, go for coated ones.  Tuning is definitely an art that must be mastered, but do whatever sounds “right” for you.  A specialist can assist you set these heads on the shells and tune them as well.

Perhaps the last purchase will be the cymbals, the amount and type of which all depends on preference.  A high-hat cymbal is a must, and standard kits may have a ride cymbal towards the drummer’s far right along with a crash cymbal to the right of the high-hat.  If you would like to make a lot of noise, get as much cymbals as you want and can afford.

You can then put all these together.  Check out drum kits for the settings, or sort it to your predilection.


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