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Does your residence play a part in the music industry? Music industry is not the similar with the restaurant business. It is not located in every block. Band members find related jobs in focused and uncommon areas. Based on that, does your address really have an effect on your musical career? I’d say the response is – it is dependent. It depends on what you want to do, and it is dependent on how proactive you are. 

Think about it, if you intend to work for a specific company in the music industry then you may have to go after it. For example, if you are preparing to work in a music company with a big label then you might have to move in order to get near this specific company. On the other hand, if you know you want to operate your own label, book shows, be a manager, or so on, an online connection can help make any location a viable HQ. You may have to move around if you live in a area that is not teeming with companies involved in the music industry, but you don’t have to worry because modern technological innovations will help make things simpler for you. 

Building working associations in person can be advantageous than networking. The online music industry is flourishing and you can use these contacts by exchanging emails once in a while. It can be hard for a music performer if there are few or no venues where you can play. Of course, touring is a part of life anyway. Even musicians who live in London or New York have to travel if they are serious about succeeding. In spite of the absence of venues in a particular town that doesn’t mean that you no longer have a profession. 

Further, being a portion of a music scene in a big city with lots of music industry existence has a downside. There is so much competition on any given night that it can be even tougher to get people out to your show and get the press to cover it than it is in a little town. Being the only show in town can function to your advantage. Bottom line – where you live may suggest you have to work more, but being outside of a major music industry center can have its advantages. Before you load up your bags, weigh up the pros and cons. You may discover you are residing in the perfect place to make it happen after all.

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