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Let us start with Keith Moon. He was born in23rd August 1946 and died on 7th September 1978.He lived a short period of life because of his alcoholism and acute odd behaviour. He is still famous. Some of his fans also named him as ‘Mad Moon’. He was renowned for his innovativeness and was a dramatic drummer.. In 1964 Keith connected‘The Who’ band. He was a speed drummer.He invented  many styles of drumming.He composed also. He used to play faster and louder, but with authority. He used fire crackers. He used them on the stage. He was so odd that he has broken many drums and perhaps his hobby was to blow up toilets.

He did not own drum kits. He has no made to order Kits as many other drummers had or have. He either borrowed or hired drum kits to play.He borrowed drum sets to play.He also hired them As a result, he had played with Rogers drum kit, Premier kit, Trixon kit, Lee Kings kit, Dave Clarke Five kit, Singerland kit, Ludwig kit and also Vistalities from Ludwig. Therefore he never stuck to any standardized kit.

Jon Henry Bonham was with Led Zeppilin. He was applauded for his 20 minute solo performance on his drumkit.~He played a 20 minute solo that made him famous} He was chiefly a Rock Drummer and that too a dominant one. He died when he was 32 years old.

He used three different Ludwig green sparkle instrument in Lee Zeppilin III and IV. Jon Bonham used 24” and 26” bass drums and his mounted Tom was 12” deep.. At times he played in his exposed hands. Jon Bonham had branded drum kits. He played with it.. He had used, apart from the Ludwig sparkle green sparkle, which was his choice and best sounding kit, The Black Diamond Pearl and Thermo lusture Natural Maple. He also used Ludwig Amber Versatile, Sparkle Silver Finish and Stainless Steel.. He used different types of floor Toms, rack Toms, supraphonic snare and Ludwig Timpani. He started using Paiste 2002 series Cymbals and earlier he was using the Paiste Giant Beat Cymbals.His choice pedal for Drums Were Ludwig Speed King Pedals.

Neil Peart from a Toronto based band called “RUSH”~Neil Peart from RUSH}. He was basically encouraged by Drummers like Keith Moon and Jon Bonham. He invented new style. He combined Jazz with swing. Pert was a Drummer and like Moon was also a lyrist for their band. He had a complex style. It was sophisticated

His kits always give motivation to other Drummers. He had a large drum kit. He played with all the drums.The drum kit he generally used was The Old Singerland Snare, Remo ‘Legato’ marching Snare, a 13” Ludwig Picolo on the back kit, Tama Gong Bass Drum, Promark drum sticks, Rem heads, LP Cowbells and some wind bells.

Danish-American Drummer Lars Ulrich from Metallica, the heavy metal band. He generally used Tama drums, Zildjian Cymbals and Remo drum heads. He is seldom seen without his customized kits.~He never played without his own drums}. He also played with Ludwig drums, Grtsch drums and Sambian Cymbals, Calato Regal drum sticks but altered to Eastern Ahead at a later date.

Other drummers in 1980 of sonar drum reputation were Steve Smith from Journey and Phil Rudd.. In recent times Danny Carey of TOOL and Gavin Harrison are few of the names who play sonar drums.

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