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There are so many wonderful types of music out there today and I am such a fan of all of them. One of my more recent discoveries has been the hip-hop genre, which, frankly, up to a few years ago, I did not really pay much attention to. 

However, with hip-hop gaining so much attention, it also gained my attention. So, in my quest to find out more about hip-hop, I, of course, wanted to find some music to listen to. 

I wasn’t quite sure how to go about this. I really like that we can download music directly from many of the music sites now as this is especially practical since I love to download to my IPOD. 

It’s so nice that I can download music right to my iPod, because alot of times I’m in a rush to go to the gym after work, and I like to workout with hot hip-hop tunes in my ear. 

Downloading mixtapes is so fast and you get the hottest hip-hop music ever. I recommend everybody download their music it’s the best thing to happen to the music industry. 

I also wanted to find a nice variety of mixtapes – which alot of different songs and artists if possible so that I could get some good all around exposure. 

I also wanted to find a site that was reputable (no fly by nights thank you) and one that would offer me some great prices AND some great deals – such as buy 5 mixtapes and only pay for 3. 

Thank goodness we now have the Internet and the opportunity of doing some online mixtape download shopping. 

I am now listening to my IPOD with some tight hip-hop and I did it all within a few minutes!!! 

You gotta love downloading mixtapes on the Net!


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