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Aerosmith started out in 1970 when they were formed comprised by band member, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Ray Tabano and Joey Kramer. They rocked the local music scene until 1971 when Jay Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford. After a year, they got signed by Columbia Records in 1972, and it was then the start of something big. Multi-platinum award winning albums started pouring forth from this Boston based band. And for them, history was just starting. 

For most of the 70′s they were basking in the limelight of success, with Aerosmith merch being the cool stuff of the day, and their albums the things to own. But alas, by the end of the decade internal conflict ensued. This was triggered by the growing drug addictions among the band members, particularly Perry and Tyler (who has since been dubbed the “toxic twins”), and resulted in the exit on Perry and Whitford. They were replaced, but their success was never replicated.

In 1984, the band saw the return of Perry and Whitford as well as the signing of a new deal with Geffen Records. They released the album Permanent Vacation, and their popularity was soon regained. This was reflected by the surge of rock tees bearing their name. It was a rebirth of sorts. Throughout the late 1980′s and 90′s, their popularity steadily climbed when it reached the pinnacle of their success with the release of Get A Grip, which also resulted in the rise in popularity stock of Alicia Silverstone and, Steven’s daughter, Liv Tyler (who both appeared in the band’s music videos). 

40 years since they first started, Aerosmith is still alive and kicking and continuing to rock the world. Their success may have waned a little, but it cannot be denied that these living legends of rock are here to stay. They have been compared to the Rolling Stones, mostly because of their longevity as well as the prominent lips of both band’s lead vocalists, but to compare the two is like comparing apples to oranges. They both are fruits but the flavors they produce are vastly different. 

So now that a new decade has begun, you can bet the farm that Aerosmith will continue rocking all throughout this new decade. Having conquered the airwaves from the 70′s all through the 90′s, they are now due for another hit album or single to re-establish themselves as kings of rock. You can expect a flood of Aerosmith merch, and if the sale of band merch is any indication, the band is shares the same hallowed fame as legends like pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, whose merchandise are still going strong despite their time being long gone.

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