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I am a product of my generation and I love the fact that I can benefit from the technology!!! I specifically love the actuality that I can log on to the Internet and go to my favorite hip-hop mixtapes on line music site and browse through a big selection of artists and songs, click on the ones that I like and in a matter of a few minutes, I have downloaded the music and I can now commence bopping away!!!

Everytime I do this, I wonder how I managed to live with the old vinyl records! (even though they do hold a specific appeal I should admit). 

I am so happy that on line hip-hop mixtapes are out there to me now. I do not seriously know were else I would manage to obtain such a nice assortment of artists otherwise, without having to price tag high prices which are just not in my budget. The truth that I do not even need to leave house to buy them is also a big plus for me.

I mean seriously I can get all my favorite artist mixtapes in a matter of seconds. All I need is really a zip program and I may be listening to Drake, Lil Wayne, DJ Drama or anybody I want inside a matter of seconds. 

Of course, the minor detail of the prices on line ordinarily being way much better than those offered at physical music stores AND of finding yourself benefitting from some terrific deals when you order on line. doesn’t hurt at all. I’ve been lucky enough to order 5 hip-hop mixtapes and only need to pay for 3! That is alot of terrific music to listen to, for a rock bottom selling price. 

So, if you’re looking for some hip-hop music, think about downloading on line – you’ll be able to start enjoying it that much sooner.


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