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I am a lover of all types of music and thanks, in part to the Internet, I am discovering a different type of music – one that I have to say I am loving – it is called Hip-Hop.

It is impossible to not move with this music and it always manages to, somehow, make me feel better whenever I listen to it. 

However, I hit a little snag in my attempts to get some good mixtapes. I went to my local music store and found a very limited selection at very high prices. Since I wanted to download a nice variety of both hip-hop artists and songs on my IPOD, I had to find another solution. 

So, as I always do when I am looking for information, I hit the Net. However, I had to first figure out what I was actually looking for.

First of all, I wanted a site that had been around a while and was legitimate. I have no interest in giving my hard earned cash to some fly by night operation. 

Secondly, I wanted a good variety, so I was looking for a site specializing in hip-hop mixtapes and basically nothing much else!! If they focus on this one genre, then I know that I will get a good choice. I also wanted to find some hard to find items, which I absolutely love listening to – makes me feel so “with it”.

The other two big things for me were there prices. I like to buy alot of music, but I am on a limited budget, so I wanted to get more bang for my buck – and if I could get some great deal such as maybe something like buy 5 pay for only 3 then that would certainly make me want to buy even more! 

Lastly, I wanted my music Fast and wanted a site where I could simply click and download my music instantly


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