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As a left-handed guitarist, you may quickly notice that most guitars and guitarists are right-handed.  Even finding a left-handed guitar can be hard.  However , there are different ways of handling this type of problem.  For instance, a few of the people who feel most easily playing the guitar left-handed train themselves to be able to play the guitar right-handed.  However , many of us disagree that this is very harmful to the student’s progression as a guitarist.  Instead, lefties should receive left-handed guitar lessons.  

There also are different techniques of customizing guitars for left-handed playing.  The 1st choice is to get a custom-built left-handed guitar.  The second possibility is to use a right-handed guitar, but play it left-handed.  This implies that a left-handed guitarist will play the guitar inverted, with the thickest string at the bottom of the guitar instead of the top.  The final possibility is to use a right-handed guitar, but change the strings so that you do not have to play the guitar inverted.  There are numerous benefits and downsides to each of these options.  Keep reading so that you don’t make common mistakes!  

Tip 1 : Just because you write with your left hand doesn’t mean you will be a left-handed guitarist.  Some left-handed people will find it more relaxed to play the guitar right-handed, just like some right-handed people will be more comfortable playing a left-handed guitar.  You want to spend a little bit of time with both right and left-handed guitars to decide which type of guitar feels most comfy.  

Tip 2 : Don’t force yourself to be a left or right-handed guitarist!  Playing the guitar in a way that does not seem natural for you can result in slow progress as a player.  A famous left-handed guitarist, Paul McCartney, originally started to learn guitar as a right-handed player but progressed really slowly.  It wasn’t till he attempted a left-handed guitar that he started to improve as a guitarist, and go on to form one of the planet’s's most successful bands!  If he didn’t get left-handed guitar lessons, the state of rock music might be a totally different thing.  

Tip 3 : After you find the position you feel most comfortable playing in, don’t mix it up!  If you sometimes play right-handed guitars inverted, and sometimes play custom left-handed guitars, you could get good at both styles, but you may not get great at either.  It can be hard to be trained, since the majority of guitars you’ll encounter will be right-handed guitars.  But try to adhere to one style ; it will pay down in the longer term.  

Tip 4 : Left-handed guitars are usually more expensive than right-handed guitars.  Fortunately , these days bargains on left-handed guitars can be found quite simply on the internet.  There are even a number of guitar web sites that specialize in left-handed guitars.  

Tip 5 : Don’t feel blue ; you’re in good company!  Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, and Paul McCartney were ( or are ) all left-handed guitarists, as well as some of the most important and leading edge rock musicians.  

While finding a guitar and sticking to a playing position is a challenge wholly original to left-handed guitarists, becoming a larger player is possible for both left and right-handed guitar players.  Taking left-handed guitar lessons isn’t very dissimilar to taking right-handed guitar lessons.  Naturally, it is best to find a guitar teacher or online lesson web site that’s competent enough to teach left-handed scholars correctly.

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