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Back in 1931, the American Congress had established the audio book program with the intention of providing assistance to our fellow countrymen who could not read printed material and the program was called “Books for The Adult Blind Project”. A year after, the American Foundation for the Blind manufactured and developed then first ever audio book and in less than a year after, mass publication of these talking books became a reality because a reproduction machine was made available and millions of blind adults all over America all of a sudden were able to enjoy listening to the contents of books which were previously unavailable for them because of their disability.

JP Harrington, an anthropologist traveled all over the whole of North America and recorded verbal histories of the Native American tribes and he recorded it on aluminum discs using a turntable powered by a car battery. And these developments came one after the other and audio books became available for mailing to adult blind Americans anywhere in the whole of the United States. So at the onset, audio books were in audio vinyl recording formats and they were made available in schools and libraries across The United States Of America. So the audio books entered the US education system. After the invention of the cassette tape came the invention and discovery of new audio forms and technologies including the popular audio form called mp3. and of course, audio books also took the form of mp3.

MP3 audio books are considered very essential in the field of learning because of the very format it is in. One of the major advantages of listening to mp3 audio books instead of reading an actual book is that you can do other things while listening while the same cannot be done when reading. Of course listening can detract one from another task yet it is still achievable. Hence, multitasking is possible with mp3 audio books, which means you can do other menial jobs and at the same time listen and learn via audio books.

Solutions and explanations on many items in the business arena are now also available in business mp3 audio books format and that is the reason why this line of audio books is one of the most sellable products in the audio book business field. Some of them are ready for fast download via the internet so for travelers who are always connected via mobile internet access, it is easy to download these business audio books and listen to them while traveling.

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