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The violin is a bowed instrument with four strings tuned in perfect 5ths.G-D-A-E with G being the lowest string found just below middle C.  Th violin is also a musical instrument and this is where it is most commonly heard and played yet due to it’s large repertoire it can be discovered in all types of bands, ensembles and genres from classical to country to rock.  

The Manhattan String Quartet is America’s leading ensembles.  They constantly perform 20 th century pieces in their own special style.  

They also have a brilliant reputation on the international stage as interpreters of the fifteen string quartets of Dmitri Shostakovich.  They have made Time Magazine’s best classical music list with their transversal of the Shostakovich cycle.  They have presented the cycle in its complete form in N.  Y city, Paris and numerous other locations.  

Some of their best records include :

Weber – Clarinet Quintet ( Introduction, Theme & Variations )

Collins – String Quartet 1

Schubert – Quartet 14 in D minor, “Death & the Maiden”

The Quartet hold regular workshops around the globe.  The average price of these workshops is $180 each.  Compared to the course that member Eric Lewis offers online, this price is steep.  However there is naturally no replacement for being right there with the group members.  If you have taken the course that Eric offer and are prepared to truly take your playing to the very next step then a Manhattan String Quartet is for you.  

The workshops offer one on one training and rehearsals, talks and of course a performance by the Quartet themselves.  This high level coaching is an once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m able to seriously recommend that you go to if you have the chance.  But it isn’t for newbs : you need to master your violin abilities first.  

The Manhattan String Quartet are an impressively pro group who will blow your intellect when you hear them.  Ensure you pick up some of their recordings and so you can not only enjoy their music but also pick up some tips for your own playing!

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