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The professional audio technician would be remiss if the Steinberg Wavelab 6 was missing from the editing suite. Created with a purpose of producing professional quality audio editing, CD burning and special effects manipulation, this musical software is a must-have for audio technicians. This leading musical software brand is fully equipped with the following features:

  • one solution for pro mastering
  • high res stereo
  • multichannel editing
  • audio restoration
  • sample design
  • complete CD and DVD writing feature
  • New Spectrum Editor
  • integrated outboard effect processors
  • remote hardware control
  • Loudness corrective SmartBypass System
  • DIRAC time stretch technology
  • Pitch shift technology
  • Sample accurate audio editor

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There are more than 100 computer audio features to this editing software. Your multi track audio editing with special effects experience will take you to another exciting level. The sequencer suite tool’s quality performance unleashes with its ability to cut or move a part of the audio track. Trimming, cutting and pasting a part of the track is made possible and easier for a better audio edit pacing.

You can edit without minding on how big the file may consume the memory. It has a section where wave frequency is displayed for you to be able to perform accurate audio editing. The Midi Command support trigger functions as well as audio scrubbing are included to deliver real audio control. Full control is taken charge by the Time code Master Slave function on the track for an appropriate and accurate sample synchronization. External editing is also possible through the use of the External Gear.

After collecting various audio portions from the other sources there are audio file effect presets that can be set and saved for future sessions. Plug in manager caters us new plug-ins that are applicable for such projects. Cut and paste new plug-in chains for future use of same plug-in for different project. The Smart Bypass technology can allow sound engineers to master audio files with a time saving new facility for manipulation of plug in texture alterations along with compensatory loudness changes induced by the plug in. Seamless integration of the Steinberg Wavelab 6 is easy and it can be accomplished with use of existing studio equipment set up by using the Audio Montage plug in manager tool.

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