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Deciding to get a tattoo is not a decision you should enter into lightly, they are permanent and are not easily removed so make sure you get the design you want first time. You don’t want to have to settle for second best so where should you look for your tattoo designs.

One place you could begin your search for high quality tattoo designs is in magazines with tattoos becoming more popular than ever before there are more publications available for research, you will even find different magazines for specific types of tattoos, ie. Tribal, Japanese or Floral. The only downside i could see to this way is you would have to buy a lot of magazines in order to get the choice you desire.

Your hunt for the perfect tattoo design could also take you to your local library where you could look through the numerous books available again in all aspects of tattoo designs there may be a limited choice if a lot of people have the same idea as you and have already borrowed the book, so you leave yourself at the mercy of whatever you library has left.

You could check out your local tattoo studio for ideas, by looking at previous work he/she has done already it might inspire you for your own creation but be wary of this because if you are looking for something unique and original this may not be the best choice as you may even see a similar tattoo you like already on someone else.

Another place to search for your tattoo design could be on the internet there are literally thousands of different sources of great looking designs. There are membership sites available to you that offer services such as printing your favourite design out so you can take it along to your tattoo studio. Or you may be a little more creative as many of these tattoo design sites offer a solution where you can take elements of different designs and create a unique tattoo design for yourself.

So wherever you decide to get your tattoo design from remember don’t settle for second best and choose a design that you really want and deserve.

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