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Tattoo Removal Cream is what many people think they need if they want to get rid of a tattoo that they have outgrown. Although there are some effective home products that might fade a tattoo significantly, the important thing to realize before you ever get a tattoo is that there is no easy way to remove them. Unfortunately, since Tattoo Removal Cream is a topical treatment that stays in the first layer of the skin, when used by itself, it never reaches the level of the tattoo ink, which is in the second layer of skin.

It is for this very reason that laser tattoo removal has become the method of choice for many people.However, this method requires numerous visits at a cost of $150 – $350 per visit depending on the price schedule of the clinic you use. Depending on the depth of the tattoo and the colors used, it can require 6 to 16 visits, spread out over a number of weeks to permanently remove the tattoo. The normal treatment cycle for laser tattoo removal is one visit every 6 – 8 weeks until the tattoo is removed or sufficiently faded. This is when many people decide that home tattoo removal methods might be the best option they can hope for and many of them will try the latest Tattoo Removal Cream in hopes of fading their tattoo.

There are safe, effective and low cost home tattoo removal products, but they are usually not a cream based formula. Any Tattoo Removal Cream on the market will contain at least one, but usually more, skin pigment fading chemicals. These skin bleaching chemicals only work on skin pigment, not tattoo pigment. As they are applied the skin above the tattoo begins to fade leading the user to believe it is the tattoo pigment that is fading and not the skin pigment. By the time the user realizes that they have faded only skin pigment and not tattoo pigment, they have spent several hundred dollars on a product that does not perform as advertised. This is usually when they also discover that the refund policy offered by the Tattoo Removal Cream manufacturer is void, expired or non-existent.

When researching tattoo removal products always look for easily accessible customer service contact information and carefully read the guarantee, if they have one. You will find that some Tattoo Removal Cream manufacturers do not offer one. If a guarantee is offered check to see that it is at least 4 – 6 months long, that it contains no loopholes favoring the manufacturer and that it will actually return your money without burdensome restrictions.

When you are looking for an effective tattoo removal option and are considering a Tattoo Removal Cream, carefully study the website, look for easy and convenient customer service contact methods such as toll free 800 phone numbers, email addresses and the address and location of the company offering the product. If the only type of contact is an email form with no phone number or actual email address, avoid the product. The more information a company provides about itself the better.

These tips will help you avoid buying an ineffective Tattoo Removal Cream when there are many effective products on the market made by ethical manufacturers.

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