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Everybody thinks that learning how to play the piano is complex and tough.  There may be some truth to this but only if you don’t know the right paths to learn it.  

It used to be that learning to play the piano requires signing up to pricey classes or hiring well-paid teachers.  But today, learning how to play piano like an expert takes only five crazily simple steps.  These steps do not even need a teacher.  You can teach yourself piano lessons and be good at it convenient.  

1.  Begin to learn the tunes you like.  If your goal in learning how to play piano songs is so you can jam with your friends then start by learning how to play the songs that you like.  If it is not your target to play the pieces of Beethoven or Mozart then do not waste your time learning them for your noob piano lessons.  

Start with a song that you actually love.  If you like Alicia Keys or Ray Charles then begin learning one of their songs first.  You don’t want to waste your time learning the tracks that you’ll never play for your buddies.  

2.  Watch how your favorite pianist plays.  Each pianist has developed their own systems.  To play as good as them or to play in the best way possible , try to learn these strategies.  

Observe how they play and apply the systems to your own playing.  If they work for you then try adopting them.  In the longer term you’ll also develop your own technique and who knows but you may even teach me piano techniques you’ve developed.  

3.  Attend piano concerts, gigs, or sessions as often as you can.  The only real way to conform your body and spirit in playing the piano is to submerge yourself in the music culture.  Not merely will you see how others play the piano but you will be able to meet other pianists too.  

So if you’re really enthusiastic on learning to play the piano, surround yourself with music and folk who’s got the same interest on it, too.  

These are the 3 insanely simple steps on how it’s possible for you to teach yourself to play the piano.  It isn’t that complicated and troublesome, is it?  However, one thing is clear.  Whatever you do, to be good at your craft, you have to render patience and dedication.

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