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Not every group sticks out from the annals of history and millions of rock tees  the way The Beatles do. To be more exact, this group doesn’t just stand out. They are part of what defines the story of the evolution of modern music. If the group never came to be, popular music as we know it would not be the same.

The group’s origins can be traced back to 1960 when a teenage John Lennon set up The Quarrymen. The original lineup included Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best. Paul McCartney and George Harrison joined at a later date. Sutcliffe eventually decided to leave the group but remained in good terms with the group until his early death in 1962 due to brain hemorrhage. Best on the other hand was let go and replaced by Ringo Starr.

It was not clear to Best why he was dismissed and the only explanation given was that the others did not want him in the group anymore. Apparently though, the drummer did not fit in with the group, being the only one who did not adopt the uniform band member appearance and who did not hang out after gigs. He was also deemed musically limited despite being hugely popular among fans. There is no telling for sure if the group would be the legend that it is now if Best was not pushed out.

Officially, The Beatles history formally began in 1962 with Starr on drums. Although each member contributed to the band’s musical style, it was Lennon and McCartney who put in the most weight because they were the primary songwriters. It was a bit surprising that the members jelled considering that Lennon and McCartney were almost on opposite poles. McCartney’s optimism and expansiveness is obvious in his natural melodies while Lennon music and lyrics come out as mature, realistic and even a bit heavy.

Perhaps what kept the group together was the fact that all of them relished integrating a variety of influences and elements. This might seem the norm today but in their time, it was innovative and revolutionary. The group is considered a rock and roll band but in reality, their music is peppered with classical, country, folk and jazz influences. This approach is most likely one reason why their work has endured through the years. There is something for every listener in their albums.

What is most striking about the band is that the different influences did not play out as a product of natural evolution. They did not incorporate different elements because they were experimenting or growing up as a group. The mixed influences were simply a part of their identity. Their songs are deemed even more valuable because the variety in them does not reflect dissonance. The incorporation of various elements was performed in a tasteful and artistic manner that encouraged homogeneity. This appealing quality of their work is the reason why other British bands have been given the chance to break out into the international scene.

There is no need for a more in depth look at the band’s history and musical style. There are already far too many academic opinions on these. For the ordinary fan in the band store, it is enough to mention that The Beatles started a movement that was thoroughly ground-breaking and innovative.

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