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The electric guitar is a relatively new instrument, as it is only about 50 years old. The innovation of the electric guitar has been the fundamental component in creating the rock and roll music, a popular style of music in the United States and throughout the world. These instruments are manufactured by many different companies and have quite a few different looks to them.


To fully understand the different types of electric guitars, you must first learn all the parts that make the instrument. All guitars have six strings, a neck, a sting tree, a headstock, and body. However, electric guitars are unique to acoustic guitars because they are plugged into amplifiers and have electric tuners on them. These two items make electric guitars sound much more versatile.


There are about 23 different major companies worldwide who produce different variations of this instrument. Depending on a musician’s budget, electric guitars can be very expensive or very cheap. Gibson and Fender are two companies that are the best known for manufacturing quality guitars. These guitars and their body styles are the most recognized by the general public.


When looking at the different types of electric guitar, body shape is the major factor that separates the instrument into different distinctions. These body styles include the Les Paul, Strat shape, V shape, the Telecastor shape, and the Rockwell. The Les Paul is probably the base shape that most people identify and recognize when picturing an electric guitar.


All current rock and roll groups usually have one or more electric guitars featured in a group. This instrument has shaped the pop culture’s music for over 50 years and looks to carry sound and music well into the next millennium. There are different body shapes and different companies that all produce their own style of guitars. With so much diversity, it is easy to find the guitar that best fits you.


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