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Bands have proven their stability over and over again.  A lot of bands flourish within the music scene and they cater to almost every musical genre.  Because the distinct live sound is very incomparable to synthesizers, enthusiasts crave for the best drum set the world has to supply.


Due to the huge expense in acquiring a quality set, many drummers opt to just customize drums.  It needs time to work, patience and many materials, yet nothing beats the satisfaction from accomplishing the project and playing with your special personalized drum set.


There have been several publications that offer tutorials on how to custom-build a drum set, ranging from the essential to the sophisticated.  These books claim they can present solid information to acquire started up to finishing the cluster.


One book that’s being sold online promises to teach the would-be creator regarding how to apply a wrap to drums of any size, spray paint the units to save money and create amazing design, produce glass-like mirror shine or high gloss finish, seal the insides of the shells, cut & finish bearing edges, mark the drums for drilling, place lugs and hardware, construct inlay grooves during the shell, install perfect inlays, design and build a router table or a sanding table, assemble your very own jig, and even provide recommendations on where and how to purchase materials to save money.


Others can have premium quality colored photos an even include bonus materials like creating custom badges and logos, what to stop while manufacturing the kit, as well as a thorough list of drum-building supplies.


All these could seem too daunting for a beginner who does not have the essential tools or skills to get started on such a large-scale undertaking.  So within the end, it really boils down to the drummer.  Things to take into consideration are the costs of buying a ready-made set versus the time, effort, resources and craftsmanship involved with building custom drums.  Would the savings be worth it?  Thechoice is yours.

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