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The basic classifications of crops are Animals, Trees, and Regular Crops which you must plant. Trees will be the only topic discussed in this particular article. Go to articles about Animals and Crops if you want to get hold of further information regarding animals and regular crops.

The trees never rot unlike the seed crops which rot. A tree will mature when you place it on your property. You don’t have to harvest it immediately, you can harvest at whatever time you want to. They are pleasing to the eye and are a good way to individualize your farm. One shortcoming of planting trees is that you will only earn a little revenue from them. A tree can be purchased for 400 coins, and you will just receive about 20-80 coins each time you harvest. You can just wait til you get trees as free gifts from others. Another option, you can ask for a certain tree that is available via the free gift system by putting a sign post on your property. In addition don’t forget that trees take several days to grow up.   You will not receive lots of coins just by planting trees.

When you’re choosing your trees, take a moment to think through your Farmville goals. Maybe you simply want to know if it is possible to earn lots of coins in a short time. If so, don’t grow trees. If if your aim is to earn lots of coins plant berries instead. Then again if you  don’t care if you are going to wait for a crop to ripen and if you’re going to use them as decorations, trees are a good option.

You are going to love trees and animals if you are the type of farmer who leaves for long periods of time and then come back to it. You can delay harvest of  both trees and animals—seed crops rot if you don’t harvest them right away. Plan well and you’ll never have to clear a whole field of rotten plants ( very dull way to spend an evening)!

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