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Kids often enjoy seeing magicians perform and they tend to get even more excited when the performance is for their own party. This is an exciting time for the kids and should be a memorable event as well. Before hiring magicians in Miami, you might want to consider the following tips on how to go about choosing the right magician.

References -If you are able to get references from friends and family members who have heard of any magicians, this would be a great place to start. There are many magicians that have a fantastic reputation solely by word-of-mouth.

Reliability- It’s always good to know if the magician you are hiring is reliable and will show up when it’s time. Make sure to get a confirmation from the magician, so that you know for sure the show is a go. Many will require a form of deposit to reserve them for a show and then final payment is made when they show up at the event.

Guarantee- Most magicians don’t provide a guarantee that the show will be a success. However, there are some that do and these are often magicians that provide a high quality show. Check on a guarantee with the Miami magicians you want to hire.

Age Appropriate- This is important, especially if the show is supposed to be for very little kids. Some magicians play with the crowd and may use humor that is more geared towards adults. Little kids might not understand everything that is going on, if the show is over their heads. Another consideration with age appropriateness is to make sure no one gets offended either. Some magicians aren’t suitable for children at all.

Insurance- Finding out if your magician is insured a good way to know if they are reputable. There are many that aren’t insured. Magicians Miami should have public liability insurance that will provide enough coverage for your event. Be sure to ask for proof of this insurance. If a copy can’t be produced, then this magician probably isn’t covered.

Full or Part-time- It’s always good to find out if the magician you are hiring does this for a living or if it is only a part-time gig. If it is part-time, make sure to find out if your event is going to clash with the magicians other form of employment.

Hiring magicians in Miami can be a stress-free process, as long as you make sure to cover all the bases in the beginning. Using the tips listed above should help you to choose the perfect magician for your child’s party.

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