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Learning the piano is difficult, so to help you learn as quickly and easily as possible then you need to make sure you have a good tutor. As with any profession then you will find a lot of different skill levels across the industry, as well as unique personalities and teaching styles. You need to take these factors into account when you are choosing which tutor you want to learn with.

Don’t be embarrassed to book one introductory lesson with a few different tutors and then choose the one you want to continue with based on that. If you don’t try out different people then you will never know if the one you have is good or not because you won’t have anything to compare it to, this means you could put up with an average tutor for years when around the corner was a tutor you’d really get on well with and learn from a lot faster.

Below we discuss 3 things you should be looking for in a good piano tutor:

Patience: This may seem like a trait that most people would ignore as long as the tutor is experienced and can teach you well, but I think it is important to the learning process. An impatient tutor will quickly get frustrated when you make mistakes and will always be pushing you hard to get to where they think you should be in your learning. That means you are probably going to start dreading your lessons, and unless someone is forcing you to go then most people will just stop going.

Connection: Again this is something that most people dismiss, but we work hardest for people we like, and we want to do well in the eyes of people we like. So if you can search around and find a tutor who you enjoy learning with, then you will push yourself a lot harder and won’t be afraid to make mistakes and ask questions like you would with an impatient tutor who you didn’t get on with. It also means your lessons will be enjoyable so you will look forward to going to them and will stick with them for a lot longer.

Experience: This is something which people look for first and seem to think is the only important thing for a tutor to have, but I think it is only as important as the two other items above, because if you don’t like your lessons and give up on them then it doesn’t matter how much experience the tutor has. A tutor with a lot of experience will know what to do when you encounter problems and will have a wide range of different skills, styles and songs that they can teach you to help you become a better piano player.

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