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Tattoos used to be quite rare, but now more and more people are braving the needle to have a work of art put onto their skin. Yet choosing a tattoo can be tricky now because there are so many designs available on the internet, you are flooded with possibilities which makes it hard to decide which you like best. So below we discuss 5 of the most popular designs which you might want to consider.

Stars are one of the simplest designs you can get, yet they can add a nice highlight to areas of your body, or they can be combined with other things to make a more complex and beautiful design. A popular place to have them done is on your hip or the lower part of the stomach, or you could have them around your belly button etc.

Dragons are another really popular tattoo design, both the western style and the eastern style of dragon. The dragon is portrayed as a beautiful, strong, intelligent and powerful beast, which is probably why it is so popular as a tattoo design, plus they come in vivid colors too.

Tribal tattoos are really popular with guys, and as they are simple yet beautiful, then they are less likely to turn out badly like I have seen on some more complex ones. They tend to symbolize power and strength because they look like the tattoos on warriors from hunter-gatherer tribes.

Flowers are quite like stars, you can use them singly to highlight an area or you can use lots of them and incorporate other elements to make a beautiful and complex design. As there are so many different types of flower, and as they all tend to be beautiful and colorful, then you are spoilt for choice if you want to get one of these. The cherry blossom tattoo is a symbolic and beautiful flower tattoo that is really popular at the moment.

The final design is the cross, which remains popular even though fewer and fewer people are religious. I don’t know if the popularity of this tattoo endures because none of us really know what happens when we die, or if it symbolizes something else to the people who have it, but I am sure it will remain popular for years to come.

If you are still trying to decide where you want your design, then belly tattoos are a good choice, see some examples at

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