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Just to let you know that, even though the album “A Series Of Events” is still hot off the burners, we are already starting work on the next album. This is fantastic… stange that although I spent months working on the last one, recording, mixing and mastering, – it is still my number one CD to listen to in the car. Ordingaryily one would be sick to death of it, but not this CD. If you have heard the half dozen tracks that are on our myspace page, you are in for a treat, because in my not-so-humble opinion, I believe that some of the best tracks have been omitted from myspace.
So do youself a favour, (and us – lol), go to the download page on our main Buried Head site, or drop us a line here on the blog, and for a measly 10 bucks you can get your hands on a Limited Edition copy while they are still available. This album’s gonna be big… You see why when you get a copy of “A Series Of Events”.
Ciao for now.

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